Hanoi Street Food Tour | [BEST] Street Food Tour in Hanoi

Hanoi Street Food Tour is offered by Hanoi Free Local Tours which is one of the top services reviewed by Travelers on Tripadvisor.

There are many types of street food tours
1. Street Food Tour by Walking
2. Street Food Tour on the back of scooters
3. Street food tour for vegetarian
All of these tours are customized for you to make sure that you will have the feeling of local foods in Hanoi.
1. Here is the details of the tour.
1 Banh Mi (Best Vietnamese Sandwich)
2 Pho (Noodle Soup)
3 Bun Cha (Rice Noodle with Barbecued Pork)
4 Egg Coffee
5 Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake)
6 Bun Rieu Cua (Crab Soup Noodle)
7 Sua Chua Mit (Fruit Yogurt)
8 Nem (Spring Rolls)
9 Xoi (Sticky Rice)
10 Banh Cuon (Rice Spring Rolls)

Hanoi Street Food %u2013 YUM! (Thanks Hannah %uD83D%uDE0B)

On our first night in Hanoi, we booked a Street Food Tour with Hanoi Free Local Tours%u2026and it was AWESOME!!!

The online booking process was very good and smooth. We paid US$18 pp in advance for the food which as an easy process via PayPal.

Our guide, Hannah, showed as at our hotel on time. Hannah is a local Hanoi University student studying marketing. Before we started, she discussed our food preferences / allergies and gave has an ideas of the food we were going to be tasting. We walked all over the Old Quarter experiencing both Hanoi street culture, traffic management skills and amazing food! Hannah was fantastic at explaining everything to us and introducing us to Vietnamese Street Food. We even paid a visit to the Bun Cha restaurant that President Barack Obama visited in 2016! We finished the tour with an amazing coconut coffee from Cong Caphe and an Egg Coffee!

I would definitely recommend Hanoi Free Local Tours to see the sights and taste the food of Hanoi%u2019s amazing Old Quarter!
1. Here is the details of the tour.
2. For more information about us you can asses our official site

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